Complete changelog

[V1.1.1 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Increased level cap of Weapon Familiarity by 2 (now you can add a total of 12 Enchantments onto a single weapon)

> Reworked Familiarity EXP gaining (this is overall a nerf to Familiarity EXP gains)

> Added 2 summoner-exclusive Enchantments: Physical Affection I and Physical Affection II (these replace Critical Strike Up I and Critical Strike Up II for Summoner)

> Changed how some Enchantments are activated with summon weapons and minions (anything that requires a critical to activate or increases critical hit chance has been changed to work for Summoners)

> Nerfed healing of Bustling Regeneration and Tyhond's Benevolence by a lot and lowered the maximum healing cap from 999 to 200 HP per heal

> Changed the dust of 'Elemental Mixture' to be more consistent with other offensive Enchantments


> Fixed Weapon Familiarity being applied to certain items, bullets and accessories (some non-weapon cross-mod items might still have them applied)

> Fixed Outburst decreased particles config not working due to the Outburst rework

~~Dev Notes~~

Favorable flair further fuels fervent fascination, fostering fulfillment for feelings forever.

(The website also obviously updated alongside, so if you want to know the specifics of the new summon-exclusive Enchantment changes, it's detailed on the Familiarity webpage.)

[V1.1 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Added a new mechanic: Familiarity (can be disabled in the config in desired)

----Familiarity applies to all weapons that deal damage

----Familiarity is similar to how the player levels up, but applied to weapons instead

----Dealing damage (not killing enemies) with a weapon will grant it Familiarity EXP

----EXP gained depends on weapon damage, weapon attack speed, weapon crit chance, enemy maximum health and enemy defense. Full formula: EXPGain = RoundedUp(1 * (1 + (EnemyHealthRatio / WeaponDPS + EnemyDefenseRatio / WeaponDPS) / 2 + EnemyDamagePercentage + CriticalChancePercentage))

----Familiarity has 11 levels in total: Unskilled, Novice, Apprentice, Seasoned, Adept, Virtuoso, Master, Grandmaster, Ascendant, Transcendent and Eternal Paragon respectively

----Whenever the Familiarity of a weapon levels up, the weapon gains an Enchantment Token

----Enchantment Tokens can be redeemed by pressing the "Enchantment Selector" keybind (default: "C")

----Whenever you redeem an Enchantment Token, you will be given a choice between 3 different Enchantment Cards

----After choosing one of the Enchantment Cards, the effect written on the card will be permanently applied to that weapon

----A single weapon can only have up to 10 enchantments in total

----Enchantment Cards have different rarities based on their power: Gray (Common), Blue (Uncommon), Green (Rare), Purple (Epic), Yellow (Legendary) and Rainbow (Exceptional)

----There are 25 Enchantment Cards in total

----More information about Familiarity and Enchantments can be found here:

> Overhauled 'Outburst' Skills in the Ranger Skill Tree. (I didn't like the old one...)

> EXP will no longer be gained by killing enemies spawned from statues

> Normalized EXP gaining between all classes (basically, this buffs EXP gained by Melee and Ranger classes, but nerfs Summon, Magic and Rogue. It is also an overall big nerf to EXP from worm type enemies)

> Added unobtainable consumable item ;)

> Added config option to enable a level cap which behaves like the S.E.X. level cap but does not require S.E.X. Mode to be enabled

> Oh and also migrated to 1.4.4 I guess...


> Compatibility fixes between Calamity

> Some audio issues fixed with Skills

> Skill Point cost labeling for some Skills fixed

> Fixed level cap visibility problems when multiple level cap related configs are used at once

~~Dev Notes~~

I don't have flesh and I must blush.

[V0.13000 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Added 7 Skills and changed 11 Skills in the Summoner Skill Tree

> Deadzone Aura changed to Poisebreak Aura in the 'Harbingers of Chaos' Skill

> Changed effects of 'Debilitated Harbinger' and 'Zone Of The Dead' due to Deadzone changes

> Visual changes to all Skill icons. All icon types have their own unique background color, Skill icons now will be slightly grey and transparent if they aren't purchased or fully upgraded to make it a lot more clear if you've purchased or fully upgraded your Skills [This does not apply to cross-mod Skill Trees]

> Added 2 new potions available to purchase from the Goblin Tinkerer: 'Mind Swift Potion' and 'Neuronic Potion' which increase your EXP gain by 50% and 100% respectively. 'Mind Swift Potion' is available to purchase in hardmode and 'Neuronic Potion' is available to purchase after defeating Plantera. All EXP gaining boosts stack with eachother, so you can use all 3 EXP potions to increase your EXP gains by a lot.

> EXP calculations reworked: base EXP required to LVL UP changed to 100 (was 50), EXP required increases by 2.75% + 25 for each LVL UP [2.45% + 25 with 'Efficient Learning' Skill] (was 6.25% for each LVL UP [5.(5)% with 'Efficient Learning' Skill]).

> Added a total of 12 new config options (feel free to suggest more configs if ya want)

> Added a new config for a customizable level cap that works outside of S.E.X. level cap [this config option gets overridden by the S.E.X. level cap when S.E.X Mode is enabled]

> Added new configs to decrease visuals/particles of many specific Skills/Abilities

> Added a new config to customize the color of your Cellscape and the particles it creates

> 'Lesser Knowledge Potion' renamed to 'Study Shot Potion', given a new sprite and a new description.

> 'Destabilizer' changed to 'Rebirth Card' and given a new sprite. Still functions nearly identically as before, but has a different name, description and sprite

> Sprite changes for the following: 'Destabilizer', 'Respec Token', 'Unchain Surge?', 'Awayback', 'Lesser Knowledge Potion' 'Overdrive' icon, 'Cellscape' icons, 'Sword Prism' icons, 'Sky/Side Flash' icons, 'Blood Rupture' icon, EXP Bar/Border, Mental Break Bar/Border and some other miscellaneous sprites

> Reduced the maximum level of 'Crowd Confidence' to 2 (was 3) and the activation range to 125 pixels (was 175)

> Slightly changed trailing modes for Surge, Ayde and Frenzie

> Increased readibility and size of all Logs

> Changed the message that pops up once the Presence Quest becomes unlocked

> Changed homepage to (was discord server link)

> Miscellaneous changes which I forgor


> Compatibility fixes between cross-mod content

~~Dev Notes~~

A lot of these were suggestions from others, the most common complaint that's been voiced is the visibility/design of different parts of the mod. Hopefully this update addresses them in a decent way.

The EXP changes are pretty big and it might be worth using the Rebirth Card to reset your class, level and all those goodies to fully experience the new system from level 1. It'll be fine if you don't though, nothing should be broken.

The website also got a lot more information and new pages to look through if you want, there's a lot of detail there that can't be found anywhere else. Also most (if not all) the old info was updated to version 0.13.

Hope ya enjoy! Feel free to give criticism and feedback too, helps me improve myself and the mod.  

[V0.1299 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Changes to following Ascension Skills: 'Mourning Swarm' from Conflict Ascension has a different effect, 'Variable: Escapeless Laser' from Transform Ascension has a 1% chance of activating (was 2%)

> Changes to S.E.X. Mode activation and S.E.X. Mode item description

> 'Withstanding Recovery' Skill added to base kit of 'Helping Hand' and changed to a 50% healing power increase for 'Helping Hand'

> Sentry Replica will no longer consume ammo when the ammunition stack is 3996 or higher

> Changes to multiple Skill descriptions across every Skill Tree.


> S.E.X. Mode no longer should de-activate on its own in multiplayer.

> Fixes to Mental Breaks granting you indefinite invincibility or negative life.

> Fixed many spelling errors within Skill descriptions

> Fixed Array.ssc ascension not unlocking while killed when progressing in spare/betrayal routes

> Fixed having to re-spend 2 Skill Points to summon Array.scc on repeat summons

> Fixed 'More Volatility' description Max LVL not being accurate

> Fixed 'Close Call' not functioning correctly

> Fixed 'Overdrive' energy not spawning correctly

> Fixed 'Electrifying Synergy' being unlocked with 'Not Slavery' instead of 'Morally Acceptable'

[V0.1298 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Added 20+ new Mental Breaks and removed some older ones. Current list of all Mental Breaks: Heartache, Controlless, Vertigo, Burnout, Schizophrenia, Breaksense, Paranoia, Panic Attack, [MENTAL BREAK NAME], Dissociation, Heart Attack, Fools Thought, Magic Peril, Irrational Choice, Nearby Anxiety, Hyper Adrenaline, Guilty Payback, Total Forgetfulness, Time Dialation, Superiority, Thorned Emperor, Faux Vampire, Melee Peril, Karmic Justice, Pacifistic Outlook, Pure Death, Lovers Hearts and some rare ones that aren't even in the Breakopedia

> Added 6 new S.E.X. Mode exclusive Skills

> Added Breakopedia for S.E.X. Mode, it allows you to explore all the Mental Breaks you've experienced to learn more about them

> 'INFO' button removed and replaced with 'LOGS'

> Added logs, they are unlocked through killing enemies. Currently there are 6 logs that can be unlocked and read. Log unlock rate from killing enemies: 1/1000 (0.1%) [Logs are completely optional and just for some reading.]

> Added 1 new config option to enable/disable S.E.X. Mode level cap, for those who want to play S.E.X. Mode without a limiting level cap

> Changed 'Starfall' damage calculations. Increased base 'Starfall' damage to 8 (was 5) and decreased progression damage increase to 22% (was 25%)

> 'Weapon Syphon' no longer has a damage cap, changed damage increase value to 10% (was 15%)

> Base stats of 'Haste Streak' overall decreased. Yellow streaks now have a 25% chance of increasing fire rate and grants a smaller fire rate increase per yellow streak

> Increased damage done by yellow streaks when they pass through enemies 

> 'Greater Streaks' now has an extra level and increases yellow streak fire rate boost by 0.1% (was 0.25%)

> 'Sentry Replica' base amount increased to 2 (was 1) and base damage increased to 40% (was 25%)

> 'Compact Storage' now grants 2 extra 'Sentry Replicas' (was 1)

> 'Oiled Up' base fire rate increase changed to 20% per level (was 10%)

> Obilgatory EXP gaining changes

> Improved descriptions for some Skills and buttons

> You can now close the Class Picker menu by pressing the 'Open Menu' keybind

> Resprite for Respec Tokens

> Multiple miscellaneous modifications


> Sentry Replica no longer consumes infinite/endless ammo types

> Fixed 'Jack-of-All-Stars' and 'Stormy Drizzle' icons being unlocked by 'Change of Drizzle' instead of 'Greater Drizzle'

> Fixed text off-set within the Rogue Skill Tree 

[V0.1297 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Increased Array stat scaling with difficulties, also slightly increased base health and lowered cooldown time during final phase

> Reworked how projectiles from the Transformation Ascension hit enemies, this is a big buff to single enemy damage but slight nerf for massive hordes

> Sentry Replicas now consume ammo when shooting (Some ammo types are excluded from this)


> Fixed Transformation Ascension not refunding Skill Points when unselected from the equip slot or using Awayback

> More fixes to Calamity mod worm bosses sometimes not increasing your level cap

> Fixed spawning of Crack of The Silence and Rift to the Void

> Fixed unintended colors on the Transformation branch menu 

[V0.1296 Alpha Changelog]


> Added Array, the Soul of Transformation

> Added Transformation Ascension [Healthy Side] (11 new Skills)

> Added Respec Tokens (10% chance to drop from any boss)

> Added cooldown debuffs for all abilities and a config option to enable/disable them

~~Content Changes~~

> Reworked respecs. They no longer grant a penalty, instead you will need a respec token

> Ascension slots have locked Ascensions that can be selected, used to preview ascensions for both equip slots

> Reworked how Cracks of the Silence and Rift to the Void spawn, also massively increased cooldown reduction from killing enemies

> Changed how EXP is shown in the Skill Tree menu. It'll be shown in percentages, but you can hover over it to see the full numbers

> Slightly lowered the stats of Repeat Replica base replicas

> Slightly buffed 'Disorderly Scattershot' Skill branch and nerfed 'Systematic Elimination' Skill branch

> Significantly lowered healing of Surging Auras (Healing was activating every tick, now it activates when the Surging aura dissipates)

> Reduced 'Helping Hand' Skill chance of healing from minions from 1.5% per level to 0.75% per level


> Fixed Whispering Death debuff trying to divide by zero when Presence is lower than 1

> Fixed Umbral Daggers and Umbral Strikes triggering many times with sticky rogue projectiles

> Fixed some problems with Cracks of Silence sometimes messing with enemies

> Fixed some Rogue projectiles benefitting from 'Umbral Stealth' and 'Umbral Strike' Skills when they were fired before Rogue Meter was full

> Fixed visuals of Surging Aura

> Fixed Calamity Mod's Desert Scourge, Aquatic Scourge, Astrum Deus, Storm Weaver and Devourer of Gods sometimes not increasing your level cap on the first kill. 

[V0.1295 Alpha Changelog]


> Added a new Quest, unlocks Presence of The Silence

> Added Rift to The Void, Cracks of The Silence and Presence of The Silence (All connected to the new Quest)

> Added Lesser Knowledge Potion, sold by the Goblin Tinkerer (Increases EXP Gain by 25%)

~~Content Changes~~

> The Questline Skill can now be right-clicked once the new quest is finished to switch between Questline and Presence of The Silence sections

> EXP Gained will now also increase based on enemy damage

> Slightly lowered EXP needed to level up for subsequent levels

> Lowered penalty of the Skill Tree respec to 2.5%

> Lowered Haste Streak activation chance, also made the chance scale with weapon attack speed

> Increased stats of multiple Repeat Replica Skills, also increased base damage and fire rate of the ability

> Changed EXP Skill icons slightly

> Increased base level cap of S.E.X. Mode to LVL 15


> Fixed Conflict Aura not disappearing if Confict Ascension is unequipped

> Fixed multiplayer syncing issues with S.E.X Mode activation 

[V0.1294 Alpha Changelog]


> Added Thousand Cuts ability [Ability 1] for the Rogue Skill Tree (10 Skills)

> Added Bloodcharge ability [Ability 2] for the Rogue Skill Tree (10 Skills)

~~Content Changes~~

> Calamity boss defeat text when questline has been activated will now only have 1 line of text for each boss

> Changed Assassin's Resolve Skill icon

> Changed icons of all buffs and abilities 

[V0.1293 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Massive changes to singleplayer and multiplayer compatibilty involving Souls and Ascensions

> While using the Summoner Skill Tree, 'Surging Synergy' will now have a different, Summoner exclusive effect.

> Changed sprite and AI of Surged Harpies, also slightly increased their spawn rate


> Fixed summoned minions disappearing when they hit an enemy and the calamity mod is enabled

> Fixed Sword Prisms not being spawned by some melee weapons

~~Changes from Pre-Release~~

> Fully converted Ayde & Frenzie compatibility

> Fixed frames for the updated Surged Harpy sprite 

> Fixed both Souls of Conflict not dying when one of them dies 

[V0.1292 Alpha Changelog]


> Added Awayback, craftable for free at an evil biome altar

~~Content Changes~~

> Immensely increased damage of most Ascension Skills

> Greatly changed most Ascension Skills, there is now a cap on how many projectiles a Skill can create

> Significantly increased chances for 'Lightning Surge' to occur (the same with its chaining Skill)

> Changed what projectiles can activate Umbral Daggers


> Fixed Souls of Conflict staying invincible during the fight in Multiplayer

> Fixed massive frame drops of Umbral Daggers, Surging Ascension Skills and Conflict Ascension Skills 

[V0.1291 Alpha Changelog]


> Added 1 new Skill to the Rogue Skill Tree

> Added 2 new Skills to the Summoner Skill Tree

~~Content Changes~~

> Significantly increased damage of Umbral Dagger, also they can no longer do less than 1 damage

> Changed Umbral Dagger Skills being triggered by minions and extra projectiles (Minions now have their own Umbral Dagger Skill)

> Decreased the amount maximum EXP is increased per level

> Changed Soul fight checks, should fix Ayde & Frenzie not unlocking in multiplayer

> Greatly increased the strength of all EXP Skills

> Increased EXP Gained from all sources

> Outrageously increased the effectiveness of EXP boosting Skills (Some even 3x stronger than before)

> EXP Gained from worm type enemies now scales with EXP boosting Skills

> Deerclops, Queen Slime and Empress of Light now increase progression damage and S.E.X. Level Cap

> Improved performace for Sword Prism projectiles

> Changed dialogue of Surge's intro


> Fixed Bringers of Chaos auras triggering Umbral Dagger Skills

> Fixed directly opening the Rogue Skill Tree not making the Ascensions menu pop up

> Fixed Conflict Ascension 'Reduced Visuals' button becoming unclickable 

[V0.1290 Alpha Changelog]


> Added the Rogue Skill Tree with 60 new Skills only available when playing the Calamity Mod

> Added Calamity Mod support for damage progression and the S.E.X. Mode Level Cap

~~Content Changes~~

> All progression based damage now increases based on your damage increases

> Significantly buffed all Cellscape Evolutions

> Changed the behaviour of Cellscape Evolution 3, 4, 5 and 6

> Lowered maximum level of Sword Prism from 8 to 6

> Further lowered the range of Sanguine and Alpha Shards 

> Renamed Rogue Resolve to Assassin's Resolve 


> Fixed fire rate increase Skills not functioning correctly

> Fixed Souls not showing up in the Boss Checklist

> Fixed spelling mistakes in the config descriptions

> Fixed some Cellscape evolutions not working correctly when fighting multiple enemies

> Fixed some Calamity Mod worm-type enemies still giving an immense amount of EXP

> Fixed being able to go past the maximum level of Sparks 

[V0.1288 Alpha Changelog]


> Added extra keybinds to directly access Class Skill Tree and S.E.X. Skill Tree

~~Content Changes~~

> Increased base Sentry Replica fire rate

> Removed every 5th level giving 2 Skill Points instead of 1

> EXP gained from killing enemies can no longer be 0, every enemy will now give EXP

> Removed EXP gained text not showing if it's less than 1% of your EXP needed to level up

> Changed names sometimes using your system name instead of character name

> Removed config option that allowed the EXP HUD to be visible at all times. Replaced with a config option that completely disables EXP HUD and its text from appearing when enabled.

> Reduced the amount of extra EXP Gained from enemy defense from all sources

> Overall reduced EXP needed to level up, also reduced the amount EXP Needed is increased when you level up

> Reduced Visual options for Surging and Conflict Ascensions now reduce effects even further

> Greatly reduced particles and effects for Side Flash and Sky Flash projectiles


> Fixed spelling mistakes in the config descriptions 

[V0.1287 Alpha Changelog]


> Added a reworked Ranger Skill Tree with 81 Skills (A lot of Skills removed, 42 new Skills added and a bunch balanced/changed)

> Added names to all Ranger Skills

> Added Beastiary content for all Decadent Skills NPCs

> Added an option to disable Summoner Skill minions by right-clicking the Skill that spawns a minion

> Added Map icons for Surge, Ayde & Frenzie

~~Content Changes~~

> Changed behaviour of Chain Lightning created by Surging Ascension Skills

> Changed functions of some Mental Breaks

> Increased the movement distortion given by a specific Mental Break

> Changed damage scaling for Star Orbit projectiles to scale with current weapon and progression

> Star Orbit now has multiple attack styles that are enabled depending on the damage it does

> Changed descriptions of some Magic Skills

> Lowered the amount of SP needed to unlock 'Summoner's Exchange 1' and 'Summoner's Exchange 2' and lowered how much summon damage and movement speed they decrease to 7.5%

> Increased the amount of minion slots that 'Summoner's Exchange 3' grants by 1 and lowered how much defense it decreases to 7.5%

> Shortened the range of Alpha and Sanguine Shard

> Changed 'Electrical Invasion' armor penetration from a static 8 to 20% of enemy defense

> Doubled the chances of minions inficting 'Fiery Passion', 'Freezing Passion' and 'Sweltering Passion' debuffs

> 'Electric Flow' will now also grant all Electrovults the ability to attack and travel through walls

> Changed dust created by all Cellscape evolutions

> Changed 'Ethereal Passion' to 'Sweltering Passion'


> Fixed Ascensions not being able to be equipped in Multiplayer

> Fixed S.E.X. Mode not enabling correctly in multiplayer

> Fixed Repeat Replica not working with rocket and gel type weapons

> Fixed Surging Ascension granting extra SKill Points when refunding

> Fixed new characters not spawning with the S.E.X. item 

[V0.1286 Alpha Changelog]


> Added names to all Skills (and some others) except the Ranger Skills

~~Content Changes~~

> All Skills within the Surging and Conflicted Ascensions cost 1 Skill Point less (From 3 SP to 2 SP)

> Changed descriptions of some Skills, made them easier to understand with the new name system

> A few Skill Icon changes to fit their respective branches

> Reduced the amount of EXP that is gained from killing enemies from all sources


> Fixed 'Chance Of Drizzle' instead of 'Greater Drizzle' unlocking 'Jack-Of-All-Stars' and 'Stormy Drizzle'

> Fixed Ayde & Frenzie HARVEST button description being applied to Surge HARVEST button

> Removed "Coming Soon..." text that shows up on the Ayde & Frenzie HARVEST button 

[V0.1285 Alpha Changelog]

~~Content Changes~~

> Changed the cost of Harvestable Souls to 2 Skill Points and made them a 1-time purchase per player

> Changed EXP Gained from worm type enemies for Vanilla and the Calamity Mod


> Fixed not being able to gain any EXP while using the Calamity Mod 

[V0.1284 Alpha Changelog]


> Added B-Side to the Summoner Skill Tree with 36 new Skills


> Slightly increased Fire and Frost Sword Prism damage 

> Slightly lowered Shadowflame Sword Prism damage

> Added 3 more levels for the Base Sword Prism Skill

> All Sword Prisms can now attack enemies that are obstructed by tiles

> Greatly increased damage of melee Sparks

> Changed homing towards enemies for melee Sparks

> Increased chances of the melee Spark Explosion Skill

> Reworked the behaviour of Volatile Blood projectiles

> Changed Sad/Happi Boy to be more streamlined


> Fixed PreHurt, Hurt and PostHurt hooks for the latest update of tModLoader

> Fixed all Sword Prisms not having the same damage values when spawned by a projectile

> Fixed Base Sword Prism Skill also unlocking icons for 2 later Skills

> Fixed LVL 3 Spark Explosion Skill also changing Shadowflame Prism Skill to LVL 3

> Fixed melee life regen Skills not working correctly

> Fixed Nearby Buff Skills going past the maximum cap

> Fixed attack speed/fire rate Skills not working for all classes

> Fixed fatal blow survival Skill in the Summoner Skill Tree not saving when leaving a world

> Fixed Calamity Mod worm type enemies giving EXP per body segment 

[V0.1283 Alpha Changelog]



  / \ 

[V0.1282 Alpha Changelog]

> Added customizable Configs for EXP multiplier, EXP HUD visibility, EXP HUD position and Aura sound effects 

> The Cellscape evolutions now function normally, but with many changes to how it levels up

> S.E.X. Mode level cap no longer changes to 350 when you enter a world again after enabling S.E.X. Mode

> Changed multiple damage stats for Ascension Skills that occur when you get hit or when you hit an enemy

> Surging Ascension now should get unlocked after killing The Hollow Hero again (Was testing some different methods for the past couple updates, sorry 'bout that)

> Mod progression and unlocks that occur on killing The Destroyer finally work now 

[V0.1281 Alpha Changelog]

> Completely changed the Melee Skill Tree to fit the other Skill Trees a bit more

> Added 31 new Skills to the Melee Skill Tree and changed/reworked some old melee Skills

> Changed text that shows up when you hover over the void/quest Skill, also added a different text variation for hardcore players

> Heart Attack can no longer instantly kill hardcore players

> Miniscule changes to EXP Gains 

[V0.1271 Alpha Changelog]

> Added a new button to the Ascension branches that can reduces their visuals. These are branch-specific, if you want to only reduce visuals on one but keep the other.

> Queen Slime now is a part of the damage progression equation

> Significantly increased damage of the Cellscape during Hardmode

> Summons no longer can attack those poor beautiful critters

> Surging Aura projectiles no longer interrupt other attacks on enemies. Also slightly increased damage of Surging Aura projectiles 

[V0.127 Alpha Changelog]

> Migrated to tML 1.4 with minimal bugs

> Visual changes to Alpha Shard, Sanguine Shard, Lifeforce Byte, Energy Byte, Streak projectiles and some others

> Some surging ascension lightning chains have been lowered

> Increased damage for most Conflict Ascension Skills

> Level Cap saving has new safer methods

> Streak projectiles homing and player collision changed

> Skeletron and Wall of Flesh related progresson changes should now no longer be enabled by default 

[V0.1262 Alpha Changelog]

> Surging Dash got replaced by a Skill that occasionally summons Roaring thunder. Getting hit with any Roaring thunder strike grants the player a significant stats up for a short duration. Getting hit by a strike while the buff is active increases its duration

> Haste Streak damage Skill drastically improved based on progression

> Starfall and Echo Eruption visuals slightly enhanced

> Starfall quantity significantly increased and damage slightly decreased

> Small changes to S.E.X. Mode stat saving for a more consistent experience

> Repeat Replica balance changes to its damage scaling

> Ayde & Frenzie post-fight phases have been seperated from their post-fight deaths

> A lot of weaker skills that relied on damage now all somewhat scale with progression

> Kill-Skills now no longer persist even after unequipping their related ascension

> Some Surge Ascension Skills had their damage balanced according to recent Skill changes.

> Fixed not being able to acquire LVL 3 of Starfall's damage skill 

[V0.1261 Alpha Changelog]

> Hopefully some of the problems revolving world saving in multiplayer are fixed

> Magic and Ranged Aura projectiles now do damage based on progression

> Falling Red Star SKill does slightly less damage 

> Starfall damage scales based on progression, added an extra level for one of the Starfall Skills

> Ayde & Frenzie souls now disappear at the same time, changed some text for the neutral phase change

> Desert Scourge from Calamity now gives maximum EXP once more 

[V0.126 Alpha Changelog]

> Added Summoner Skill Tree A-Side with 33 new Summoner related Skills

> Added 5 (10 if you count Cellscape Evolutions) new Summons that can be unlocked through skills in the Summoner Skill Tree

> The Cellscape, a minion unlocked through the Summoner Skill Tree evolves by killing bosses listed in-game. Evolutions of the Cellscape are world-based.

> Slightly decreased EXP Gained from some enemies, also changed EXP Gained when using the Melee Skill Tree

> Harvest and Cultivate UI panels will now more consistently close when using the hotkey or the 'X' button

> Changed sprites of the Overdrive Skill and later level The Silence icons 

[V0.125 Alpha Changelog]

> Added a new Mental Break that floods the screen with messages.

> Changed how long some Mental Breaks last.

> Fixed Panic Attacks persisting even after the Mental Break ends, causing a horrifying circle of psychological suffering.

> Adrenal boosts now instant-heal the player slightly less than before. 

> Increased chance of surviving fatal blows by +5% from specific Skills, but they have an 80 second cooldown between activations. 

> Drastically lowered the amount of time needed to stay underwater to complete the loyalty test for the distant voice.

> S.E.X. Level Cap is more stable and changed the way EXP Gained is shared between players in multiplayer.

> S.E.X. Mode no longer gets disabled when rejoining a world with S.E.X. Mode enabled in multiplayer. 

[V0.124 Alpha Hotfix Changelog]

> S.E.X. Item can now be obtained by entering a world for the first time. It is also craftable at a Demon Altars

> Ayde & Frenzie can now be summoned by anyone in a multiplayer world.

> Fixed 1 Surge attack and nearly all of Ayde & Frenzie attacks not occuring when playing in a multiplayer world.

> UI Panel that shows up during the first time you spawn Ayde & Frenzie now disappears after a few seconds.

> Conflict Ascension Skills that spawn other projectiles are now less likely to occur for minions and other summon attacks. 

[V0.123 Alpha Changelog]

> Most UI menus have an 'X' button that can be used to close the UI menu (Hotkey can still close all UI menus)

> Pressing the UI Menu hotkey will now open a Main Menu screen used to access the Class Skill tree, S.E.X. Skill tree and a (currently unavailable) INFO panel

> Added 2 new enemies, Surged Harpy and Conflicted Slime. Surged Harpy spawns in the sky/space after Surge, The Hollow Hero has been killed, betrayed or spared. Conflicted Slime spawn rarely on the surface after Ayde & Frenzie have been killed, betrayed or spared

> Added 3 new Quests, 2 of which revolve around killing Surged Harpies and Conflicted Slimes. Completing these Quests gives the player access to Kill-Skills in the Surging and Conflicted Ascension branches

> Added 2 Kill-Skills, which can be unlocked via completing specific quests. Kill-Skills have a maximum level of 100, but cannot be leveled up with Skill Points. To level up Kill-Skills, you have to kill Surged Harpies for the Surge Kill-Skill and Conflicted Slimes for the Conflict Kill-Skill

> Added S.E.X. which is used to enable or disable S.E.X. Mode. When entering a world with a player, S.E.X. gets added to their inventory. S.E.X. can also be crafted for free at Demon Altars

> Added S.E.X. Mode, a "hard" mode of sorts. When S.E.X. Mode is active, the player gets access to the S.E.X Skill tree which can be opened through the new Main Menu. S.E.X. Mode also enables the Mental Break mechanic and introduces a Level cap

> Added S.E.X. Skill tree with 12 Skills. The Skill tree has a branch of 5 Skills dedicated towards an Adrenal Boost, the remaining 7 Skills have Risk & Reward oriented effects

> Added Mental Breaks, a mechanic which activates when the player takes too much Mental Damage. Mental Damage is shown above the player every time it increases or decreases. When the player takes too much Mental Damage, 1 out of 11 hindering/damaging effects can happen to the player. The amount of Mental Damage the player takes can be increased/decreased with S.E.X. Skills

> Added Mental Break effects, all of which have varying effects. There are a total 11 effects that can happen, some of which are Schizophrenia, Heart Attacks, Vertigo, Panic Attacks, Dissociation and Paranoia

> Added a S.E.X. Mode Level cap which increases every time you kill a new vanilla boss. The level cap starts at 10, is increased by 5 for every pre-hardmode vanilla boss, 10 for hardmode vanilla bosses and 20 for Moon Lord. Currently, the maximum Level cap for S.E.X. Mode is LVL 130

> Fixed problems with the Conflict Ascension getting disabled and not working for many people

Changelogs prior to V0.123 Alpha unavailable