Frequently Asked Questions


How do I open the Skill Tree after choosing my class?

After selecting your class from the Class Picker that pops up once you join a world, you can press the Open Skill Menu keybind to open the main menu of Decadent Skills. From there, you can click on the first button from the top to open the Skill Tree for your selected class.

How do I set up my keybindings?

To set your keybindings, you will first need to navigate to Settings > Controls > Keybindings and scroll down to the Mod Controls section. From there you will need to locate the keybindings starting with DecadentSkills: and click on them to change their keybinding. You can also click on the Reset To Default button next to the keybindings to set them to their default key.

What does the Skill that kills me do? [WARNING: SPOILERS]

This contains spoilers for The Silence Skill, do not read if you want to explore it on your own!

The Silence is a Skill in all class Skill Trees that kills you when you click on it. The goal is to survive the blow 3 times overall, this can be achieved by gaining immunity frames while clicking it, unlocking Skills that grant you a chance to evade or dodge an attack, or by using armor and accessories to nullify the damage. Once you've survive the fatal blow 3 times, you will be asked to drown yourself. From there, The Silence will be giving you instructions so that you can complete its demands. 

What is S.E.X. Mode?

Learn more about S.E.X. Mode and its additions on the S.E.X. Mode page accessible here.