S.E.X. Mode

Quick Overview

S.E.X. Mode is a difficulty mode which introduces multiple new mechanics, limitations and its own special S.E.X. Skill Tree with 18 Skills.

The main mechanic of S.E.X. Mode are Mental Breaks. Mental Breaks are built up by being hurt in any way, after a being hurt a few times you will experience a random Mental Break out of 26 total Mental Breaks. These Mental Breaks have unique effects, most of which are negative with a very small number of them being overall positive.

S.E.X. Mode also introduces a level cap that limits your maximum achievable level. The level cap starts at Max LVL 15 and increases by 5-20 for each new boss (vanilla or calamity) killed, up to a Max LVL 155 (360 with calamity).

The S.E.X. Mode level cap can be disabled in the configuration menu.

Mental Breaks

Mental Breaks are unique effects, mostly negative, which occur when you've suffered enough Mental Break damage. Mental Break damage is increases every time you get hurt in any way.

There are a total of 26 different Mental Breaks which can occur once your Mental Break damage has reached its maximum. While some have positive effects, all of them have some kind of negative effect which can either be annoying or incredibly fatal.

The S.E.X. Skill Tree has many Skills that are related to Mental Breaks, like the entire Adrenal Boost branch and much more. 

The duration of a Mental Break depends on the type of Mental Break, some might last a few seconds while other could last up to a couple minutes.

List of all Mental Breaks and their effects

S.E.X. Skill Tree

The S.E.X. Skill Tree consists of 18 Skills which are mostly risk and reward oriented, granting you a positive and negative effect at the same time.

In order to completely unlock all Skills within the S.E.X. Skill Tree, you would at minimum need to be Level 39.

The Skill Tree also has an additional button underneath it which opens the Breakopedia of Mental Breaks. 

List of all S.E.X. Skill Tree Skills and their effects