Quick Overview

Familiarity is a mechanic which is applied to all weapons automatically, it can be disabled in the Decadent Skills config.

Familiarity is a weapon progression system that gains EXP as you deal damage with weapons. All weapons have their own levels and EXP.

As Familiarity on the weapon levels up (Unskilled to Limitless Supreme), the weapon gains Enchantment Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged to apply a random Enchantment onto the weapon. The player will be presented with an option of 3 random Enchantments, only one of which can be chosen by the player to apply to the weapon. 

There are 25 Enchantments in total, but a weapon can only have up to 12 Enchantments applied to it.

At Unskilled level, your weapon deals -10% base damage and each level up passively increases its base damage by 5%, up to +40% base damage. Leveling up a weapon's Familiarity also increases the critical hit chance by 1%, up to +10% critical hit chance.

weapon familiarity

All of the information about Familiarity is written in the tooltip of the weapon. 

[Familiarity Level:] showcases the level of the weapon. The highest level of Familiarity achievable is 12 (Limitless Supreme). Each level of Familiarity progressively changes the color of the weapon and some of the tooltips into a rainbow color. 

[Familiarity EXP:] showcases the EXP of the weapon. EXP is gained my dealing damage with the weapon, killing enemies does not grant additional EXP.

[Enchantment Tokens:] showcases how many Tokens the weapon has to exchange for Enchantments. 

[Enchantments:] showcases the currently applied Enchantments on the weapon.

enchantment selector

By pressing the [Enchantment Selector] keybind while holding a weapon with an available Enchantment Token, the players will be given a choice between 3 different Enchantments. 

The player can select one of these Enchantments to apply to that weapon permanently in exchange for an Enchantment Token. 


Summoner Exclusive Enchantments

Summoners have slightly different Enchantments. Enchantments which increase Crit Chance are changed or reworked for Summon Weapons and Enchantments that activate from Critical attacks instead have a low chance of activating on hit. Here is a list of all Enchantments modified or reworked for Summoner.